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Alan Sugar – 2 million followers and 16k tweets of utter insanity

15 Jul

Is he lonely?

Alan Sugar on Twitter has fascinated me for a long time. His posts recently are less unfiltered, I guess someone’s ‘had a word’, but he’s still unhindered by grammar or sentence-structure. The long lasting argument with other much-loved public sack Piers Morgan adds a weird dynamic to Capt. Sugar’s Twitter affair. These men argue like demented children over issues far out of reach of the laymen: football scores, who is the most famous, and which of them actually does have the most followers (Professor Sugar retorted with a barb along the lines of: ‘it’s quality over quantity’, oh burn).

Twitter is always an extension of branding, whether people like it or not. Alan ‘Delicious’ Sugar’s branding is NO NONSENSE. That’s pretty much it. Also pointing at people when talking to them.┬áHe doesn’t have time for NONSENSE like punctuation, leave that for the proles.

While this style does fit his image, it does make him seem slightly thick. But he’s gone done got money so what do I know?


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